Several stories and rumors have been circulating on whether or not Gilbert officials are interested in building a new stadium in the Town of Gilbert for the Milwaukee Brewer’s after the original story broke last week.

According to the original story on, a local developer is working with the Milwaukee Brewers to find a new stadium for their spring training home. Back in June, the Town of Gilbert was pitched a $90 million stadium with the Brewers chipping in $20 million and Gilbert on the hook for the remaining $70 million. Comments immediately followed the article and on social media with many citizens concerned about the location and price for Gilbert tax payers.

Today, Town of Gilbert Mayor Jenn Daniels tweeted “To be clear, our last meeting with the Brewers development reps was on June 13. The math doesn’t work for #GilbertAZ”

It appears any deal with Gilbert funding a new spring training stadium for the Milwaukee Brewers is dead.