Safeway, part of the largest food and drug retailer in the country, plans to open a store in the Eastmark community. This marks the first retail development for Eastmark, recently recognized as the fastest-growing East Valley community.

Safeway Grocery Store will anchor Eastmark’s 15-acre commercial center located at the corner of Signal Butte Road and Point Twenty-Two Boulevard.

“Eastmark’s land plan is deliberately flexible, allowing us to assign uses and bring in partners that fit the community needs today and into the future,” said Dea McDonald, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Eastmark. “Safeway will be part of our community’s first retail development, helping to bring our vision for Eastmark as a community to live, work and play to life.”

Construction of the 62,000 square foot storefront is expected to begin soon; the opening date has yet to be determined. With 135,000 square feet of retail space available in the Safeway-anchored retail center, many other dining, retail and service shops are expected to open too.

In July of this year, the Eastmark community welcomed its first church; in April, Handlebar Diner, Eastmark’s first restaurant opened for business.

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